Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!
I am a self-taught Surface Pattern Designer based in Minnesota currently specializing in creating patterns for Fabric Design and Wallpaper Design.
I am a former handmade baby bedding shop owner and maker. In 2018 while searching for fabric with specific designs that I couldn't find, I started my slow but steady journey of learning surface design.
I feel such intense joy when seeing my vision for a project come to life, whether it be sewing, crafting, decorating or creating new artwork. That deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from creating something with my own hands reaches all the way down to my soul.
I'm inspired by color, whimsical daydreams, the nostalgia of simpler times and fond childhood memories. I love to create happy and colorful artwork for the young and young at heart.
My process typically starts with pen or pencil sketches which are then further refined digitally and ultimately finished as patterns. I thoroughly enjoy working in collections but also sometimes create individual stand-alone patterns.
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